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Do you suffer from neck pain and headaches? Don't assume that they will go away on their own if you wait long enough. You don't have to push through the pain. We will help you come up with a treatment plan that minimizes or eliminates your discomfort and gives you a better quality of life.


Whether you've been hit with a bad tackle or twisted the wrong way in tennis, emergency chiropractic care is always available. Give us a call and we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible, arranging your appointment while you are on your way to our office.


Start recovering from your pain today at Heartland Chiropractic Clinic by calling:


Causes & symptoms

Many neck problems can damage your health if they aren't corrected. Our approach is to find the source of the pain and fix it gently. The body will heal naturally without nerve interference by correcting the source of the problem.

Natural healing


Neck pain & headaches


•  Stress

•  Poor sleeping positions

•  Bad posture

•  Injury

•  Neck mobility

•  Stiffness

•  Pain to the touch

•  Constant headaches

If your headaches are frequent or they recur over time, you should visit us to see a Chiropractor. We are highly experienced and will find the cause behind your headaches and the pain.

We will find the cause & fix it